First Will Be Last (mp3)

First Will Be Last (mp3)

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First Will Be Last

We been walking round looking for someone to blame,
Staring at the clouds taking in the rain.
I never woulda guessed never woulda dreamed
You’d swallow the great lie, become the machine.

You can think you’re in the clear, think you’re on the path
But I know you honey, you know better than that.
The heart is full of fear, it can make you blind,
Hurt your neighbor for food, make you lose your mind.

O babe, has it really been that long?
Did you really forget?
Why you singing the wrong song?
O babe, you gotta try to remember the verse.
The first will be the last and the last will be the first. 

I know the times they are so full of change
But there’s no excuse to bow to whatever god will make you safe.
You never liked it when you couldn’t see
What was in it for you but I thought you believed that
You can tell a good tree by it’s fruit,
Thorns and decay and lies are the signs of a brute
And to find your life you gotta give it away
But to love it too much it will make you a slave.

Blessed are the poor.
Blessed are the hurt.
Blessed are the weak.
And those who are cursed.
Blessed are the angry.
Blessed are those who are cold.
Blessed are the young.
Blessed are the old.

Blessed all those who mourn.
Blessed all those who yearn.
Blessed are the crazy, and those who turn.
Blessed are hungry. Blessed are those who shout.
Blessed are those who will only whisper and those who are filled with doubt.
Those who are filled with doubt.
Blessed all those who doubt.
I said all those who doubt.