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1.Have You Fallen On The Cornerstone

Are you the chosen lady
Are you the one who walks in truth
And if my name was Boaz
Would your name be Ruth

Have you fallen on the cornerstone
Or is that rock gonna fall on you

Are you gonna take me down and play with me
Or do you have that holy fearIs your need the kind that won't be filled
Or can you just sit quietly here

Do you long for the ritual
Of communion on your lips
The bread and wine, the flesh and blood
Cause sometimes, girl, it drips
At a cost from a cross

Can you stomach all the everyday
Can you bear to walk at night
Will you open up your door to me
Before I take my flight

Honey, when you look for me,
You know there's bound to be a fight
They'll beat on you for asking 'round
Those watchmen of the night

But, Darling, if you seek me,
It's me that you're gonna find
Honey, when you seek me
It's me that you're gonna find

Do you long for the ritual
Of communion on your lips
Cause, Honey, if you want me to I'll be the skirt around your hips

2.Gloom Higherway

I feel the need to delve into the mystery
To say some things you might not understand
To swim a league in the sorrow of this place
And be sustained by unseen hands

I feel the need to sing a song
That wrestles with the divine notion
That blood atones, that death completes
That joy can supercede emotion

Because the wilderness will be glad
And the desert will rejoice and bloom
And the ransomed of the Lord will walk upon the road
That found foundations in the wasteland of gloom

The moon makes some kind of sense tonight
To the questions I can't speak in words
And my spirit waits on the wind to come and say
"Come now and clearly see what once was blurred"

Cause You speak in ways I can't explain
You call us in names we can't repeat
And you craft the cold to counter that
Which we desire but burns us with its heat


Okay, here,
You got my ear
I found my way outta town I'm finally just sittin' down

Grinding gears and iron tears
They've kept my mind occupied
Didn't notice that I almost died

Lately I been lost
God, I been turned around
I've gotten so tangled upI need some help just to get unwound

I had a dream on a bed of steam
That I got into a number of fights
Over a garden of earthly delights

Silver Sue and the camera crew
They been talkin' bout my name in lights
It's been a forty long days and nights

Now Diamond Joe, he's a gigolo
And I been tryin' to get through to him
About the ocean that he's tryin' to swim

How it's a lie that he could rely
On some mystic saltwater seals
To hear his last breath's appeals
And save him before he dies

I been awful close to the fire
Tryin' to get some folks to look up higher
Cause there ain't much time
Before the Earth's goodbye
The lightning flashes once
Then it splits the sky
And the ones He's known
They're headed home

4.Something's Got To Go

I spent my head in the candy store buyin' hopes based on hints
Which probably weren't right
Someone dimmed the light
And I lost my sense of truth

So take my pennies on the counter glass and spend 'em right for me
You got vision in the night
You're level headed in a fight
You play Boaz to my Ruth

Oh, and maybe it's just me
Lord, knows I been wrong before
But I feel like something’s got to go
'Cause it just can't stay this way anymore

I been pourin' out the oil while the engine's on, forgetting that it's hot
I been cuttin' my hand
On the rocks of the land
I been tryin' this without a plow

And I feel like a jar with the water gone.
I'm all pasty and dry inside
You got to fill me up
We gotta meet and sup
so you can tell me how

Misplaced passion
How many times will I deny my right to choose
Misplaced passion
I often choose the jail and request to be abused

Misplaced passion
They say a hope deferred can make a heart grow sick
Misplaced passion
They say a sickly heart can play the cruelest trick

Misplaced passion
Like a pure man's hand inside murderer's glove
Misplaced passion
Can you help me out?
Can you teach me how to love?

5.Such A Shallow Pool

Do I have enough compassion
Or have I sold out my Love
For the keeping of rules

Am I so much in fashion
That I forgot I was born
To a family of fools

God, hold me out of that water
'Cause it's such a shallow pool
And the fall just might kill me

She was so pretty when she just walked by
It made me feel lonely
Lord, it just made me sigh

And when You'd rather wait, I'd rather fly
But I'm just now learning to walk
Oh, my my

And a lot of my friends seem to be
Running around on the same fallow ground
Or is that me

They don't know
'Cause I don't show much at all
And when I fall, I fall alone
When I fall, I fall alone

So take my face in your hands
And tell me you love me
Tell me you love me

6.Completely Known

Andy never had a father
Who was anywhere nearby
And when he was and Andy asked him things
He couldn't get him to reply

So Andy taught himself the things
That thought he might ought to know
And when he talks about the winter time
He says, "I understand the snow."

Andy left his small hometown
He went to college and he majored in art history
Now he lives in a canvas world
As a docent in a gallery

Andy speaks aesthetically
He can quantify the beautiful
But he can hardly feel inside
So he just does what's dutiful

July's tendency's to freeze
Whenever she's confronted
She's borne so many losses
That her senses have been blunted

She learned about death and dying
When she was only six years old
Since then every one she meets
Seems a little cold

She's tried to change herself
By being a good lover
But every time she finds someone good
He leaves her cause he says she smothers

She lost count a year ago
When she was living in West Virginia
The last one never even told her it was over, in fact

As he left, he said
"I got a ring I'm gonna send ya."

And I used to bathe in tears at night
Cause I felt like I was on my own
I used to think I would never be
Completely known

I used to hold on tightly
To the sorrows that I owned
But they were all I knew
They had run me through
And they had left me
All alone

I used to pray every day
That God would mend what's torn
Now I see the only way is to die...
To die...And be reborn
I have finally found a way to live In the presence of the Lord

7.Oh, Girl

Oh, Girl, I'm gonna call you now
And hope you hear somehow
Across the valley low
Above the muted snow

And, girl, I hope your feet ain't froze
That you don't fear the way the river flows
And that your eyes are fixed above the glare
That the sun and snow can fashion there
That you have heard the sirens call
But, baby, you don't want to fall

Girl, I'm gonna say a prayer
That you will not stay there
Down in the valley low
Amidst the heavy snow

Cause, girl, I really want you here
To linger close and then draw near
And to gaze with me above the glare
At the distant golden thoroughfare
And to touch his side and its scar

To feel the heat of holy morning star

I don't believe we'll make it there unharmed
But since there's to be a fight, babe, you know we both been armed
With love

Girl, I'm gonna call you now
And hope you hear somehow

8.The Fall

He thought, "She doesn't seem the same this time
As the last time I saw her.
"He thought, "She speaks so much of what she really means
Right outside her words."
And the way her fingers flickered about the edges of her hair
Were not a sign of any nervousness but of her deepening despair

And she was not here with him at all
She had once known the truth, but she had chosen the fall

He heard her loneliness most of all above
The din of what she said
The had a heavy feeling on the inside
That she'd been living with the dead

Come home, girl, come home

9.Eden Again

He came rolling through the hills just to be with me
And I was young and I was pretty and I was free
It was before the time that I knew that I
Could make the rain clouds form in my spirit's sky
It was before the time that what I wanted had to be
Tied to this old world and all its slavery

And life was like a dream
And everything was clean
And I was free.

Sometimes I wish that everything could've just ended there
That my body and my soul had been just caught up in the air
I'd have gone back to Him who's shining everywhere
I would've drunk in all his water, and breathed in all his air

But I chose to eat my fruit and I chose to go my way
And I chose to throw my innocence away
And I've learned my lessons hard and I've learned my lessons well
And I have tasted all I care to taste of hell
I think I'm ready to return, to let the fires I started burn
I think I'm ready to be born again
I think I'm ready to return, to let the fires I started burn
I think I'm ready to be born again.

I'm gonna come rolling through the hills just to be with you
You'll make me young and pretty again,
You'll make me free
And this time 'round, 'stead of trying to stand I've decided to lean,
And let You wash me in Your blood, and make me clean

Oh, and living out Your dream
Everything is clean
And I've become free

10.Take Me

"Old ain't a word that I'm fond of," he said.
"And these days I've begun to lose count."
Mumbling she rolls in her wheelchair, and says,
"I'm afraid that they've closed my account."

There's a blur that occurs in the line of their life
That decays the whole notion of sense
And they call to the past, insisting that it last,
While they're climbing down reality's fence

Singing with me
Take me
Take me
Write my name in the most Holy Tome
And when it's my time

To assume the sublime,
Take me to my promised home

And their hands aren't gnarled, they're in love with the earth
And they're dying to go there again
We say the essence of life is strong in our youth,
Slowly buried under wrinkles of skin

But there's God in the way that life comes to an end,
In the way that it draws to a close,
In the saying of soul to the house of the skin,
You're too weak now to really oppose

11.You Can't Hide

I talked to a girl I know the other day
About her married life
It started just two months ago
She was sayin' it was hard

She don't know if they'll make it through
I'm thinkin', "baby, it ain't even begun to snow"
Darlin', you can't hide

A brother of mine and I went out for a walk
On the moon
As the sun began to setI ran home.
I know how cold it gets out there at night
But, Mama, he ain't come home yet

I been tryin' to tell him,
You can't hide

I'm gonna tell you now that you just can't hide
Whoever told you you could, babe, they just lied

Just today I fell down while I was
Carryin' my cross
You lifted it off my back
I closed my eyes.
I thought, "it's over now"
Everything went black

But I heard you say, you can't hide

They may've thrown you out in the wrecking yard
When you were only two
But are you gonna get through
You may have swallowed down a poison pill
Maybe it bowed you to the ground or broke your will
But I tell you oh, no, you can't hide

I'm gonna tell you now that you just can't hide
And if they told you could, babe, they just lied
I'm gonna tell you now that you just can't hide
You can't run away from what you got inside

12.The Worse Is My Being Alone

"Aaron, have you ever had a burning in your chest
That made you just want to be free?"
It was a warm afternoon when she asked him this,
As they sat on the shore of the sea

Well, Aaron just tugged at his hair and he took
A very long time to reply
And by the time that he spoke, she'd forgotten she asked
And was lost in the clouds of the sky

He said, "Kelly, I don't think
I've ever wanted as much
To be free as I've longed to be known.
And of the things that I hate
As I look at my life,
The worst is my being alone."

The rest of his words he kept from her ears
Cause he thought she might not understand
And she didn't reply.
She couldn't figure out how,
Cause the fire in her heart had been fanned

Oh, of all the things known that he could've spoken that day,
He chose one from deep down inside
Without intending her to, he caused her to confess
Her false confidence and how she had lied

She said, "Aaron, I don't think
I've ever wanted as much
To be free as I've longed to be known.
And of the things that I hate
As I look at my life,
The worst is my being alone."

And as they headed home, neither of them could speak a word
And they held their own spirits to blame
But at the pulse of the waves, they both turned around
Surely someone was calling their name

Someone was calling their name

14.Easy Baby

Don Chaffer

Be Easy, baby
Don’t cry so hard
My road was blocked
My way was barred
But it’s not all darkness
The night sky is starred
So be easy, baby
Don’t cry so hard

If I ever had a reason to run away
I would take it like a one horse open sleigh
I learned twice as much from sorrow as I learned
During all my days of study oh how I burned

Don Chaffer: You Were At The Time For Love
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