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1.Do The Dance

Lori Chaffer

Morning breaks
Fighting chance
You’re awake
You do the dance
The dance

2.Life Of The Party

Lori & Don Chaffer

Some roads dead end some just disappear
Well I don’t know but I’ve been told that I’m the kind that won’t let you near
Most people tell you what you wanna hear
but sometimes what you need is not as bad as all the things that you fear
There is something on the other side of a dream

Come on down Come on down
Come and be the life of the party
There’s a million ways to start a fire and then just watch it burn
When the sun comes out, we won’t pout we won’t criticize anybody
Just let it go, let it go don’t hold on to it
Peter Peter Pumkin-eater lied
He said he had a standard to uphold and he would not compromise
And Dr. Jekyll had his Mr. Hyde
So play the game too long and all you’re left with is your darker side
There is something on the other side of a dream

There is wanting
There is holding onto things
It can’t be occupied or turned into a theme

Come on down, come on down...


Lori & Don Chaffer

I wanna go out and plant a seed
But we’re too busy trying to build a new city
There’s a market and a jail and an empty pier
And a woman with a tune we don’t really wanna hear
Its all tied to a box and bunch of pages
That no one understands, not even the wise sages
I think its about time I defected
Cause I’m getting a little tired of feeling dejected


Grandmama she went out last night
Stared up at the moon cause it was such a safe light
She opened up a box with a bunch of pages
That she couldn’t understand though it calmed her rages
She say “Cows make milk and bees make honey”
She sang “I don’t need much I just need a little money”
Grandpa he danced the ol’ soft shoe
He needed a chance to shake off the rhythm of the blues
Went out last night held the dirt in my hand
Nothing special, tasted bland
Wrote down names in hard black lead
Closed our books and went to bed

4.Accidents Happen

Don Chaffer

This is the story of Captain Breeze
And the way he moved with his injured knees
And the boy whom he once taught to climb trees
Before the Captain lost his way
And this is the story of Sam the kid
How he, for a couple of lousy quid,
Bought a jar of priceless jewels with a broken lid
And why he couldn’t stay

Accidents happen; accidents do
Someone‘ll act like they’re into you
But their axe’ll fall in between violent and blue
Then the accidents come and start falling on you
Accidents come and start falling on you
Sam was out looking for cheap guitars
He was looking through other people’s yards
When he found his blessing in a box of jars
And he bought it right away
When he thought of Breeze he felt himself tear
He thought, I probably should just let him share
But I can’t be sure he’ll even be there
So I’ll wait ‘til the end of day

They met on the bank by the river dam
Captain Breeze and the eager one, Sam
And the Captain said, no talking while we eat our ham
They were chewing not talking right then
And when lunch was over the captain spoke
He said, “You know, kid, you kinda seem like of a joke”
Sam didn’t look up cause Sam’s heart was broke
And he wondered when their talk would end

That night beneath the northern star,
Sam left with nothing but his jar,
And he had no plan except to get as far
As he could from his Captain friend

6.The Highest Branch

Lori Chaffer

I am so happy
To have climbed that tree
And I stand on the highest branch
Everything is underneath
Even my mother
Even my father
Especially my brothers

7.Lying In History

Lori & Don Chaffer

Something just isn’t quite right
I’m not feeling alone tonightI know that you are gone
So why haven’t I been able to move on
We were only children back then
At the place where anger and love begins
But what might have been never was
And so I do what anyone does

Why be a mystery
Lying in history
Some nights I can’t picture your face
Barely formed and then taken away
Like the crash of a wave
Leaves a hole where a rock had once taken its place
Seven long days and then you were

Lying in history
Why be a mystery
A good woman who can find
Never sleeping, always kind
Strong and fearless with a right mind
Pretty soon she leaves herself behind

Lying in history
Why be a mystery


1.Right Before

Don Chaffer

The night before the demolition
An overweight man gave me permission
To go through the basement at the mission
And see what I could find
There was one stuffed bear and a can of kerosene
There was something about it that was almost serene
To be the last witness of these things
That were left behind

Right before it’s burned down
Right before it’s blown apart
Right before everybody gives up on it
It’s in the air
Right before the wrecking ball
Right before the dynamite
Right before in the middle of the night
There’s something there
The last time we kissed was at the station
She was heading off for summer vacation
We were both well done, it was just gravitation
That our lips met
So I placed the key in the car’s ignition
While I re-thought our position
But if you won’t let go, then you can’t transition
You can only bet

   Right before it goes off
Right before it walks away
   Right before the last thing that you won’t ever say
Right before you slip up
Right before the great regret
Right before everything changes
You’re not okay

   I don’t know if anyone should
Given the chance, I don’t think I would
I just know that if I don’t admit it,
It’ll haunt me, and I’ll never quit it

Right before it comes again
Right before I lie down
Right before the last flight out
And the old black bear
Right before the buzzer sounds
Right before my time is up
Right before there’s nothing left
There’s something there
You gotta know that the night before the demolition
I sent out a brief transmission
I said somebody go and get me a good magician
I’m about to change

3.Okay, Okay, Yeah

Don Chaffer

I ran my fingers over the cloth and found the seam
I thought this isn’t here or there; it’s in between
And I always wished I could stand right where sky meets sea
But when I dreamed it one time, it seemed sad to me
Sad like a farewell written in the sand
Sad like a waterfall splashing in your hand
Sad like the sunlight in a marble hall
Maybe sad isn’t quite the right word after all

I could go over everything again, and wonder why but
I don’t think that’ll give an answer to me anymore, cause
Now I’ve learned some things just refuse to come to the light,
and It’s okay, okay, yeah
I said okay, okay, yeah

I was certain of hurt and I was scared to care
I thought falling would mean that I would land nowhere
Now I wonder if one is ever sure at all
Maybe you don’t rise above maybe you love the fall
Fall like a toddler learning to stand
Fall like a satellite floats unmanned
Fall like a fool at a downtown bar
Maybe fall doesn’t really go all that far

Go call off the dogs now
Sunset’s setting in and
We won’t find the body
Til another day begins and
I suspect they’ll ask me
Once they find it in my head
Why I seek the living
Here in the land of the dead

4.You'll Be Fine

Don Chaffer

I would like to say something gentle like “Go”
No, this is far too rough
Go is never enough
Prepare along the way
Don’t trust everything they say
If they won’t take the peace you give, take it back
Don’t take two changes of clothes or even a backpack

Fine. You’ll be fine
I always hated hearing it
And it doesn’t help in steering it, but
Fine. You’ll be fine
I just had to get this down for the sake of the day that I’m not around
Okay, Okay, I’d like to say something easy like “Breathe”
No this is far too painful
Coursing through your brain, you’ll want to speed it all up
But you can’t; you’ve slipped up
So you go spend your oxygen until it’s gone
Then draw it back in like a drowning man
And move on

Someday I’ll be gone
I hope the sense of my approval lingers on
Okay, I’ll say something wise then, like “Wait”
No this is far too easy
Would that life were breezy
What if someone needs you?
What if a knife bleeds you?
You can’t just sit around and wonder what to do
You get up, you get moving or you’re through

5.I Rolled Into New Year's Eve

Don Chaffer

I rolled into New Year’s Eve
By way of a grey albatross
A tangle of feathers and arms and legs
And I think my wallet got lost
I had been working hard, man
Seventeen hours a day
Every fence had been torn down already, yeah
Everything was out of my way

I could make promises
And plans to change but then I just don’t know
Making the promise and
Making it good are so
Different you know


Calendars do not have pages
Calendars only have screens
Nothing to cross off, and nothing to turn
You just click it and something goes clean
Click and then you feel a pounding
Click and then you feel a rush
Nothing is anything anywhere anymore
Nothing is turning to mush

I could’ve said “Haven’t I? I hadn’t noticed,” but then I would have lied
Cause I noticed every last second that sneaked away late in the night

6.My Second Try

Don Chaffer

We were probably somewhere in Texas
I was trying to place a call
The words were going back and forth
Just the words, that’s all
It was dry and pretty sunny
Rain was falling onto distant roofs
It was the smell of asphalt giving up
The thundering approach of hooves
Ashtrays made room for tin cans
Once they had all grown too full
Slippers took the place of shoes
There were no laces left to pull
The thing we all cannot even talk about
On the anniversary of the event
Is the barker’s last and whispered words:
“Go on. Collapse the tent.”
I’d take up the family business
If I even knew what that was
The creaking of the wooden floor
The lone electric buzz
You don’t get second chances
That’s how I heard it sold
I just smiled, but I kept my head down
Cause my second try was gold

Waterdeep: Pink & Blue
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