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Don Chaffer

Somebody just said something 'bout the devil
And I looked into your eyes
Honey, I think I saw a demon wink
Right through your thin disguise

Well, that's okay, I could run away and that'd be the end of that
Except I think I felt one inside me too
Right behind where I'm hidin' at, and

I'm scared
Honey, I'm scared
A stronger man might not be
Maybe a strong man would stay cool
But I'm not so sure that strong man wouldn't just be a fool

Now, babe, listen up.
I ain't sayin' that you're any worse off than me
I'm just askin' you to consider the possibility
That both of us are bound for hell
I don't want to say this too loud

Because I know I'll get an argument
From the thick surrounding crowd, but

Hear me babe this ain't no joke that I'm talkin' about
I really think there could be a problem that needs some straightening out
And if there is, it ain't just about guilt and shame
It's a matter of eternity
Oh, baby, please please please please listen to me, 'cause

2.Everyone's Guilty

Don Chaffer

She's got her eye on the wind
She resents her own skin
She wants to fly
She's got a bend in her mind
She treats herself so unkind
She don't know why

Innocent Jane
She's got an innocent name
But in the still of the night
Or in the heat of the light
She'll confess to you
That everybody's guilty
She'll confess to you
That everybody's guilty

Well, everybody can stare
They won't find nothing there incriminating
It's all buried inside
Where it can stay safe and hide
Latent destruction, lying in waiting

Come on, Jane, throw that stuff away
You got to let yourself die every day
Because the thief breaks in to kill and steal
He don't make no friends and his words ain't real
He will take you out and beat on you
And after all of this is through
He'll make you promise that you'll never tell
He wants your loyalty in the fires of hell
You got to run into the arms of someone kinder
Someone who doesn't care what a woman's put behind her

Just say, "Forgiver of sins,
Won't you come right on in
And in the still of the night
By a sweet candlelight

Tell me how You came to be the Savior of the guilty
How You came to be the Savior of the guilty."

4.Come To Me

Don Chaffer

"Bring beauty to this house," she told me,
"With the talent you have in your hands.
Bring beauty to His house with your words now,
Cause there's a war goin' on in foreign lands."

"Bring sugar to this God," they told me,
"Cause Jesus ain't on the cross no more.
Won't you bring sweetness to desperation,
And just don't remind me of this war."

Well, it's a stupid fight
To say it's sweet when you're dealin' with the gates of hell.
And grace is dead and God is gone if you keep sayin',
"All is well."

"Bring cleanness to our dirt floor," he told me,
"Cause I can't stand it anymore.
And the wind is howlin' so loud outside.
Would you please just go away and close that houseless door."

But He said
If you're weary and heavy laden,
If you're tired of a love that's fadin'
Well, Come to Me

If you're weary and you're broken and you're down on your knees
If you're shattered into pieces and you're flappin' in the breeze
And you're walkin' around downtown
Don't know which side is upside down
You got somethin' on your face and you call it a frown
And you don't know if you're gonna live to see tomorrow
And you're buried so deep down in your sorrow
That you don't know what you're gonna do
Well, come to Me

6.Gospel Train

Don Chaffer

Well that gospel train is a' comin'
Comin' right down the track
That gospel train is a' comin'
Comin' right down the track
And when that train leaves the station
I can tell you right now it's never comin' back

You may think your train ain't a' comin'
'Till at least a quarter past nine,
You may think your train ain't a' comin'
'Till at least a quarter past nine,
But by the time you reach the platform
You'll find out you've been left behind

Well the train used to rule this country
It used to be the only way to go
But we've left the engineer behind these days
We think we've found a better way to go
But on that day whether the track's laid
He'll be comin' over ice and snow

Well that gospel train is a' comin'
Comin' right down the track
That gospel train is a' comin'
Comin' right down the track
And when that train leaves the station
I can tell you right now it's never comin' back

They said it moves too slow, it moves too slow
They said it moves too slow, it moves too slow
Oh... what do they know?

7.Razor Light

Don Chaffer

You set the table in your spirit
Entertain the devil for a while
And then you laugh at all his jokes
Insisting it's alright-

It's okay to smile
But you are

Dancing with the demons
And walking on the wall that borders hell
Thinking "Right now, I'm not testing God,"
But always wondering how you'd feel if you just fell

I'd like to say that it was simple
Like a dog you don't want pregnant so you fix her
But it's a matter of unconscious sin
I don't know if you know it, but you're been brewin' up a strychnine elixir
Because you're

Are you walking darkly
To avoid the razor light
Did you lose the taste of flesh and blood
When you threw up late last night
Is your soul in some fine limbo
Between bitterness and lust
Can you talk about the cross these days
Without wincing in disgust

9.Whether Or Not

Don Chaffer

This morning when the sun came up
I was still lyin' down in my bed
But it started burning real bright
Whether or not
It was shining on my head

Just today another flower bloomed
And I just walked right on by
It became a little swirl of fantasy
Whether or not
It caught my eye

I could just go round bein' down, sleepin' late
Runnin' round in a state, feelin' dead in the head
'Cause of all the things that people said
But none of them can get inside of me

I think I'd rather just decide not to hide
From the facts of the dark and relax 'cause the spark
Of the fire that's inside me isn't goin' out
The darkness just ain't gonna swallow me
(Because I'm gonna live eternally)

I think about myself so much
It kinda makes me ill
I prob'ly oughta let my cup
Just fill up
But overfill

11.I'm Afraid I'm Not Supposed To Be Like This

Lori Chaffer

Well I'm afraid I'm not supposed to be like this
Like I was born in a land where no serpent hissed
And I have waited a long time for Your kiss

Well I have felt that they'd all take offense at me
And so a fence I have built to protect the seed
But all the bricks will secure its mortality

I have been seated in circles and stood in disgrace
At the noted intention to be in place
And I have seen that one man saved the human race
But it took His life and it took His faith

I have risen from ashes and fed on flames
But even so I still fear I have played a game
And it seems no one else is as sick and depraved

I have heard that I'm not supposed to be this way
And still the stones that are lifted fall down to stay
But I keep doubting and think one will strike my face

He's been promising me something more than pain
Where the cost is grace and my loss is gain
And I have chosen because there is no other way
I either wallow in shame

Or humble myself and be saved
And be saved

12.18 Bullet Holes

Don Chaffer

18 bullet holes in the body of a priest
They say he was eating a hot dog when the ammunition was released.
They say he was always fat and lazy but he was an awfully nice guy.
That's just one more death to show you you never know when you're gonna die.
You might be facing the beast

Sometimes, God, I feel like I'm living in a bone grinding mill
And every time I hear the sound I can barely stand still
It's a thing I can't quite make out sometimes but it seems to keep getting louder-
One more body from the valley of the dry bones getting ground up into powder
Against Your holy will

Oh, God, it hurts so bad to love anybody down here
Why don't You come and help me out?
Cause I can't even see clear

The funny thing about the way a girl gets destroyed
About the way that deal goes down
Is that everybody pretty much sees it coming at the sister
From all the way across town
And she isn't always blinded, she isn't always far astray
She just might not be thinking, she might be having a bad day
But when you choose, you choose, and when you drown, you drown

Last night I dreamed that
You swallowed me into Yourself
And I was floating on the sea inside
When I landed on the shore,
I saw all these people that I thought had died
I hadn't seen some of them for ages
They had left without a single word
And when I said something to them, not a single one of them had heard

They were all looking right through everything like it wasn't even there
Some were full of anger, some full of fear
And then I recognized that something very sad
But very beautiful was happening right here

They were all caught outside standing alone in a very heavy rain
And when a raindrop landed on my tongue
I didn't need You to explain
That these were Your tears

Oh, God, it hurts so bad to love anybody down here
Oh, that's right, You know so well
One thorny crown, three nails, and a spear

One thorny crown, three nails, and a spear


Don Chaffer

Is the Lord God Almighty

Heaven and Earth are filled with Your glory
Heaven and Earth are filled with Your praise
Heaven and Earth are filled with Your glory
Holy is the Lord God Almighty

Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come

Waterdeep: Live At The New Earth
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