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1.Til the End

Baby baby won’t you come with me
I’ll make you happy
Don’t you think that you wanna see
What’s on the other side
Maybe go out for a ride
Lose our sorrows in the tide

And I, I need to know
If you’re with me ‘til the end

Let’s go take a walk by the sea
Stare out at that old mystery
And wonder how it’s gonna be
It’s like there’re diamonds in your eyes
If I look too close I’m hypnotized
And I will be left scrambling

Take your little hand in mine my dear
Take your little hand in mine
Take your little hand in mine my dear
Take it now take it


You’re a bull
I’m a china shop
I might break
If you don’t stop
So why
Don’t you

You rush in
And it all falls down
Everywhere you step
Is broken ground
And I
Can no longer stay here

You play the devil and I’ll play the saint
We’ll talk peace and put on the war paint,
Stare each other down, though we’re looking in a mirror

Somebody better keep an eye on you
Cause who can tell what the hell you’re gonna do
You might never leave or you might just disappear

No wonder we’re going out of our minds

Yeah I’m a fool
And you’re a wind up clock
Baby, feel the heat
Every time we talk
So try
Oh, Let’s try
To just cool it

I’ll play the devil and you play the saint
We’ll talk peace & put on the war paint
Stare each other down though we’re looking in a mirror
Somebody better keep an eye on me
Cause who can tell where I’m gonna be
I might never leave or I might just disappear

No wonder we’re going out of our minds

3.Love Is Always There

It’s always dark before the answer
Looks you right in the eyes
And then it seems like a dancer
Moving in disguise
Oh, in disguise

So you shout up to the heavens
Why don’t they help you fight the fight
Like the moon, it comes in phases
How much it feels like night
Oh it feels like night

But Love is always
Love is always
Love is always there

Seems like no one’s gonna help you
Seems like no one really cares
Worn out from hearing those whispers of
Lies floating in the air
Into the air

4.Great Disappointment

Feelin’ up and then feelin’ down
There are things that don’t make a sound
But they still are violent
Like the falling of the innocent

It doesn’t take a dagger to betray
Sometimes you just look the other way

What a great disappointment
What a knife blade to the back
There’s no means of gainful employment
But you went out and bought a Cadillac

It feels like you don’t give a damn
Now I see you were on the lam
And you say it’s your great regret
But I can’t quite forgive you yet

It only takes a moment to give in
But it may take a lifetime to forget

You held the knife
Up in your hands
You made it fly
It did a dance
Your aim was true
But you were not
There was a vow
But you forgot

5.Like Me

Feels like I never got a chance
No one ever asked me out to the dance
Maybe it’s all my fault
I’ve been living like I’m trapped in a vault

Cause Mama, I’m afraid they won’t like me
Oh no
And I want to stop feeling so lonely
No no

It’s like a picture in a magazine
Nothing’s really ever as it seems
Look at the moon hanging in the sky
It don’t try baby, try baby, try

When I was a child I couldn’t believe it
It was all laid out in front of me
Now I’m still alive and I can feel it
Cause I just keep running into things
Broke down
Old doubts

6.Come Home

We were runnin’ and gunnin’
We were looking for fun and
It was like we were seventeen
There was nothing up ahead
We were hoping instead
We could just make a scene

We left it all behind wanting to find
A way to beat the machine
But no one ever said, “You just work ‘til you’re dead”
Oh man, I wish someone had just told me

That you’re always wanting
To be in another place
Hoping tomorrow
To get out of the race
But there is no problem too big for us to beat
But baby, you gotta believe in me

I’ll come home, I’ll come home, I’ll come home to you

We can’t stop it now
Hand’s to the plow
We have broken the clay
There’s nothing we can do
Can’t take it all back
So I guess we’ll just make our way
And find a little quiet
Baby lets try it
Lets get outta the fray
Cause it’s a hard row to hoe and everybody knows
So man, you justa gotta hold me

Cause the hard times keep coming
Oh bless our souls
Though the hammer keeps falling
We gotta rock ‘n’ roll
There is no problem too big for us to beat
But baby, you gotta believe in me


Waking up from a bad dream
In the middle of the night
All your darkest memories are taking flight
You been waiting for a long time
And it doesn’t seem right

 Oh hold on
You’re about to make it to the other side
Where there is no longer a river that’s wide

I know that you won’t be afraid to cross the riverbed
I know that you won’t be afraid to cross the riverbed
I know that you can’t see all those things up in your head
I know that you won’t be afraid to cross the riverbed

When the morning breaks
And you can see it all in the daylight
Shadows start to disappear and lose their bite
That’s when the water will part
And the land will become dry

8.Everyone You Know

A silver string of precious things
Invisibly surrounding
Your fragile neck, is jewel-bedecked,
Blinding and astounding

Cause everyone you know, you know
The world revolves around them
They’re king & queen of everything
Their armies do make bedlam

I’ve heard them tell of an ancient well
That ran out of water
But no one seemed to notice anything
They were lambs led to slaughter

I never loved you well
Oh, my silver bell
I didn’t know your name
Would ring out so well

The weight of things is not a game
The arrows are hard and sharpened
And if you’re hit by any part of it
You can become disheartened

9.Another Lover

You take a lie into your hand and spin it round
And then you watch it grow
You write a story in your mind and then
You put on your little show

What is real and what is fiction
What you call love we call addiction
I don’t know if you’ll recover
But babe, you sure got yourself another lover

You hide up in the shadows
It’s a battle that you seem to want to lose
You never know which way to go
And you can hardly choose

Between what is fact and what is fiction
What you call truth we call addiction
I don’t know if you’ll regret it
But babe, it’s gonna take you down if you let it

Where, O where in the world have you gone to?

10.Late to the Party

No more, “I’m out the door”
Looking for a good time
I’ve felt that hard, cold floor
And I’ve heard all the rhymes  

I was late to the party
Yeah I was late to the party
And nobody would let me in

I’d sit and feel bad about it
But I know, I know, I know
No one is to blame
Yeah they tell you, they tell you, they tell you
To twist and shout it
But nobody can make it ok. Cause….

Feels like I’m looking in through the window
Or the wrong end of the rainbow
Far from the pot of gold
Everybody’s laughing
Everybody gets the joke
But a feeling is just a feeling, yeah, I know
And it doesn’t have to send me reeling even though


Once in a crowded room
The dream was over
From picture perfect to confused,
From naïve to sober

It doesn’t take a lot
A fight, or quiet night beside a bed
Broken down, then lost
All inside the head

Once in a dream I stood
On the White Cliffs of Dover
You flew right overhead
And scattered seeds of clover
When they hit the earth
They grew to shade me from the heat
Then you came and cut them down
Why would you do that to me

But oh,
It’s all coming, all coming, all coming down again
That rain it washes and washes it off my skin
I think it’s time to begin again

There’s been a lifetime of regret and it’s still not over
Why can’t we let it just fall off our shoulders


1.Why We Don't Talk

Oil and energy; coal and fuel.
Nobody really needs guns for a duel
That’s why we haven’t much spoken these days
I lost the energy and you gained a haze

Israel and Palestine, busses and walls
You want to solve it, babe, you gotta have balls
That’s why we haven’t much spoken these days
No lime in the coconut, to borrow a phrase

I get you baby we were cooking with gas
Me tall and thin, you with cute little ass
That’s why we haven’t much spoken these days
It’s not the shape, but the shadow that pays

2.Pretty As a Flying Machine

We packed up the pickup truck
And we drove that thing until the wheels got stuck
And we tumbled out at a city park
We always had a fire if we had a spark
We were crazy

We hung on until the plane went down
And we laughed along while they gave him a crown
And you’da thought that maybe we’d ‘a seen the gun
But we were too far gone, and having too much fun
We were crazy

Now I don’t regret the days we had
They were pretty good; they weren’t all that bad
But looking back there was something wrong
And the sun went cold when those nights grew long

And I don’t think I’ve ever seen
Anything as pretty as a flying machine
Way up there in the cold, cold air
Somebody’s really gonna go somewhere
And I don’t think I’ve ever seen
Anything as pretty as a flying machine

Later on when the fire went out
We were waitin’ on something we could talk about
And we tried to speak when the tide came in
But everybody knows that’s when the deafening waves begin

Why does it take so long to understand
What’s happening all around you?

3.Having a Good Time

I got the muscle, baby
You got the bone
If you sting like a bumblebee
I’ll drop like a stone

I’m just a long time hatchet man with a prison tattoo
Sometimes I wonder what I’m doin’ with you yeah

But I’m having a good time
I’m having a good, good time
Woah, having a good time
I’m so glad I get to have a good time with you

I’ll be the thunder, baby
You be the heat
(Let me tell you now)
When we hear that boom boom
We’re gonna dance to the beat
(It’s not lost on me)

You left behind a life of royalty
Sometimes I wonder what you’re doin’ with me yeah

Put your feet on the floor
And get out the door
Put your feet on the floor
It’s time for more

4.Darkness Doesn't Have a Name Anymore

I been sittin here quiet with my hands in my lap
Staring at a branch that’s about to snap
Headful of memories of forgotten songs
Rooms dim lit with rights and wrongs

And I’m still tryin’ to figure it all out
Cause I never had a single wandering doubt
That didn’t make me wanna scream and shout
Jesus, what’s it all about?

And now the darkness doesn’t have a name anymore
It’s just knockin’ like an old wooden door
It’s lyin’ to you like a sack on the floor
Cause the darkness doesn’t have a name anymore

I get weary and my eyes go dim
Whenever I get to thinkin’ ‘bout the jungle gym
That big gang leader and his bicyle rim
And all the crazy words that I heard from him

Like “Every old man and every old woman
They’re gonna get you, boy, they see you comin’
So, keep your limbs loose, buddy, keep up the drummin’
Cause somewhere there’s an amp with an electric strummin’”

But the darkness doesn’t have a name anymore
It’s an old bird still tryin’ to soar
It’s a locked up engine that won’t turn over
No, the darkness doesn’t have a name anymore

Ten years seemed like a long, long time
Just waitin’ in a wooden roller coaster line
With a pack of wolves, fat from the funnel cake stand
Pretty soon things were gettin’ outta hand

They said, “Get outta the road if you’re knees are weak
Maybe little baby wants to play hide and seek”
Or “You don’t care too much for the road life, buddy
Maybe you like to brawl, but you don’t wanna get bloody”

Well the darkness doesn’t have a name anymore
It’s a far off wave on a far off shore
While the night creeps by to the tune of a snore
No, the darkness doesn’t have a name anymore

I tried to make it clear, I tried to sound it out
I tried to call the fight before the blood ran out
But they kept on beggin’ me to see a crucifixion
And I didn’t wanna stop to correct their diction

So I wash my hands every morning in the sun
And I repeat it to myself, I’m not the one
And the guilt runs off like a shot from a gun
But the ringing in my ears is never done

Well the darkness doesn’t have a name anymore
They read the story but they think it’s a bore
The dead–one, two–and the lost–three, four–
No, the darkness doesn’t have a name…

5.I Can't Remember

I lived in a one-room in Pasadena
I was stayin’ there with a red-haired ballerina
She cried for a living on the telephone
People asked to her to grieve over what they couldn’t own

I've tried but I can't remember
That fire. It’s a burning ember
But the farewell light of ash and cinder
Holds that heat true
And in the fading glow, there’s something in there
Brand new

I've been flying over wild country
Circling fields for food but I’m still hungry
So I sought out the preacher to find relief
But when I finally reached her, she was just a common thief

Half a life used up on getting more
Half a life spent afraid of being bored
Half a life tryin’ to be feared instead of honored
O half a life, half a life, half a life onward

6.I Shouldn't Have Walked Away

She says she walks among great queens and kings
She says she knows how the caged bird sings
She says the doesn’t need anything
And I should leave if I mind

I put my hands in my pockets and walked away real slow
I put my hands in my pockets because, well, you know
I didn’t want to touch anything at the scene of the crime

But I shouldn’t have walked away; I shouldn’t have walked away

Now they say your first love leaves a mark or a scar
That you can set out at night by the light of a star
But you will carry that sadness with you the whole way

And I was sailin’ up high over city hall
And I pulled on the ripcord when I started to fall
And I hoped to slow down but it was too late

You remember back in the day you could still make her out
Back before the light of the world went out
You could still see her taking chances
And dancing wild and free

But now, out in front the battle lines are drawn
And the gray light of the war will just get darker at dawn
And she’s a sweet thing to think of but, man, she’s just a memory

They can have all my money and my medals and my dreams
I’ve been too long just turning in their washing machines
I’ll leave tonight by the moon and the roar of the sea

And I don’t care if I’m gone til my body gives out
I don’t care if I die full of worry and doubt
I will find her I swear she’s still waiting for me

7.My Fanciful Mind

If I could get my hands around the smoke
I’d try to shake it by its broken tail
Run my fingers over those dark walls
Check for stories left behind in braille

I understand the rattlesnakes’ old song
And the backed-up corner of the double bind
But pretty soon, and it won’t be long,
I’m gonna speak my peace and then leave it all behind

And then say goodbye to my fanciful mind

No one here was sure where he had gone
His phone would ring but he would not reply
When the news slow-motion-shivered out
It was hard to justify

They always say the first engine to fail
Wouldn’t have been bad, had the trouble been confined
But when the second and third ones give out too
Then the writing on that wall’s been all but signed

And they say goodbye to your fanciful mind

That statue had a face fixed in a sneer
He growled his dominion to the sand
But he was muffled by the hum of passing years
And then he failed to speak when called to the witness stand

Judgment came down: case dismissed
And he wandered like our sorry human kind
Just trying to find a decent meal to eat
And a warmer place to let the clock unwind

And to say goodbye to his fanciful mind
Yeah, say goodbye to his fanciful mind

Now, I could chalk it up to anything
From cruel fate to ruthless profiteers
But usually I blame the ones I love
And that’s mostly just because they’re sittin’ here

But sometimes when the sun is almost down
And it tumbles golden-crazy through the blinds
All of us are smiling in the glow
Of our farewell to the fanciful mind

We say goodbye to the fanciful mind

8.Boys Will Say

The wheels were humming to the concrete
The road was sore from bein’ run over
And the car was rollin’ like cars’ll roll sometimes

The boys were talking in the front seat
The girl in the back thought they would notice her
But the boys kept talkin’ like boys will talk sometimes
Now the girl said “Come on. Wait a second.

All this talk about pictures, all this talk about scenes,”
The girl had to do everything that she could do to keep from cryin’

Yeah boys will say what boys will say
And sometimes girls can’t get far enough, far enough away

The great ice bed is always sliding
The last good word rings like a funeral bell
But the cars keep runnin’ like cars’ll run sometimes

The girl used shadows for the hiding
And a smooth back-hand to wipe the tears that fell
While the boys kept talkin’ like boys will talk sometimes

Now if you’re not man enough for sorry
And you wait until the wound starts scarrin’
The least that you can do in the meantime is shut your mouth
If you really don’t have a satisfactory answer
But you fancy yourself a pretty good dancer

Just do us all a favor. Shut your mouth

9.Soul In My Condition

There’s no cure for a soul in my condition
There’s no cure for a soul like mine
If I try to leave you I find
It’s your memory that stays behind

No cure for a soul
No cure for a soul
No cure for a soul like mine
There’s no cure for a soul in my condition
But to try put you out of my mind

There’s no means for a man on my kinda mission
There’s no means for a man like me
If I use my force to break it free
There’s a hole left where love used to be

No means for a man
No means for a man
No means for a man like me
There’s no means for a man on my kinda mission
But to try to do it half-heartedly

There’s no reason to lose my ambition
No reason I see that I can say
If I keep moving forward, I may
See you smaller til you fade away

There’s no reason to lose
No reason to lose
No reason I see that I can say
There’s no reason to lose my ambition
But once you’re gone, what will I do on that day

10.Nobody Likes a Loser

When you land on the shore
And you dig down deep
But there isn’t any more
You lie back
Because there’s nowhere else to lie

You keep wantin’ to crawl back into bed
The sound of their voices fillin’ up your head

Nobody likes a loser
Nobody likes a loser anyway

Try to get back up but your strength is gone
Try to block out the sun
With the curtains drawn
And the old refrain’s echo is long, long, long
Try to shut it out but you’re not that strong

You keep wantin’ to sign on the dotted line
Either cover me up, or make me fine, because

Don’t stay down
Don’t stay down too long

11.Maybe You Would Come Along

The wind is calm
Barely a whisper
The highway in the distance
Is singing a song
Better to lie down
Better to listen
I can’t help it, I
Want to go, singing along

All the wild horses running free
All the while they keep calling me
I’m not ready to get up and go
But I can’t stay here anymore

So maybe you would come along?
Maybe you would come along, My love?

Sometimes I see you when
You don’t know I’m looking
The far-off gaze
That you have in common with me
Two long stares
In two directions
Both of them tangled
And trying to break free

Maybe you would go with me
Til the land disappears and we’re out at sea
Maybe you would go with me
Drunk on leaving and feeling free
Maybe you would go with me

12.Quiet Inside

Violent in-
-Side but it
Won’t let me
Hide cause it’s
Knotted in
Knots and I
Can’t get a-
-Way like want and I

I don’t know why I ever
Left you when
You were in need I
I don’t know why I ever
Left you when you were in need

Quiet in-
Side in the
Night where the
Silent people watch
A baby a-
Way in a
Strange place to
Lay a guiding light and…
I keep a watch by night
You gave the night away
I hope for dawn’s first light but
You gave up break of day

Though ground is cracking hard
Though rain refuse to fall
I choose the drought, but you
you chose to leave it all
I light a vigil candle
You let somebody else care
I feel the joy, the fear
But you, you aren’t anywhere

I’m here with every moment
I know that you are gone
But I own that piece of land
The one that you were living on, so

I try to read the stars for
Stories of who to blame
But the only stories stars will
Tell are stories of a new name

I have a field of flowers
I have the children’s smiles
I have a thousand hours
I find between the trials

Mine is the hope of living
Mine are the crowns of kings
Mine is the shout of victory
Mine are the angels’ wings

Mine is the song of the one
Who endures to the end
Mine is the song of the one
Who endures to the end

Waterdeep: Waterdeep
© 2014 Hey Ruth Music (ASCAP)
All rights reserved.