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1.Good Good End

Don Chaffer

You can leave right now
You can ring a bell
You can tell 'em you think
I ain't doin' too well
But when I stood like you I eventually fell
So you can leave right now go on and ring your bell

I'm amazed by life and it's amazed by me
We're a strange old pair- me and eternity
It don't make good sense it ain't easy to see
But I'm amazed by life and it's amazed by me
It's a long hard road with a good, good end
And if I keep on walking on past the crooked bend
I will meet my Maker I will meet my Friend
It's a long hard road with a good, good end

2.Easy Does It

Lori & Don Chaffer

Don't waste your breath
Don't waste my time
Can't you see
I'm sick of trying
No more cheap veneer
No more Paul Revere running every day

I float around
Try not to hit the ground
And break a limb
'Cause my bones became thin
When I was in a play
Showing off Broadway
Reciting all my lines

Easy does it
Don't waste your breath
Don't waste my time
The fire is hot
The walls are limestone
Living in a cave
It's easy to behave
To think we call this saved
Don't you miss the sky?

3.Heart Attack Time Machine

Don Chaffer

I was young and I was dumb
And my left arm was going numb
Dare to think, while I’m on the brink
That a simple word of comfort just might come

Brace yourselves. We’re headin’ back
In a time machine to a heart attack
Where the flow of blood into the brain
Is down to a trickle, almost insane
They were telling me I was really free
They could see it by the way I used my words
But in the dark of night I could see that they weren’t right
Because speeches are to free as cages are to birds

Peel off each old sticker
With a slow and steady hand
Strip off all the high gloss sheen
And maybe go sell the van
It’s time to let the people know
That you're sorry that you made ‘em go
And that life must be a more sacred thing
Than a couple cheap words
And a promise ring

So kick me down, and tear my gown
‘Cause I’ve been prancing ‘round the stage in my underwear
But I just went along I even lead them all in song
We had special words that we always used down there

It’s a deep dark mine and I gave in
To the fact that we’re up against a cave-in
I’m pretty happy that I lost control
‘Cause I never really had it. I was just on a roll


Lori Chaffer

Diana stays with me tonight
Then tomorrow
Then tomorrow
Who will tell you if I cry
O, my sorrow, O, my sorrow
I hardly ever knew her face
And here she is, taking your place
You have gone so far away
For all I know it’s outer space

La, la, la, la, la, la, la Pining for yesterday
La, la, la, la, la, la, la Feeling like an empty plate

He went away today
And I don’t know when he’ll be back
Before he left he held my face
And told me he was gonna crack
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, Kick your legs and bend your knees
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, Stare up at the apple trees

5.Stay In Touch

Don Chaffer

Here are the keys to my kingdom
Take her for a drive ‘round the block
The brakes might squeal but just ignore that sound
And promise me you’ll stay in touch with the ground
Every single thing I gave to Cindy
She took it, smiled and promised me her love
Well, don’t trust Cindy, even if she frowns
And promise me you’ll stay in touch with the ground

Move around
Stay on the ground
No, really this isn’t all just Cindy’s fault
And maybe she was just along for the ride
Most things in my life have to do with how I’m bound
To my promises to stay in touch with the ground
‘Cause promises are only mercenary troops (that’s right)
They bear no real allegiance to the soil (that’s right)
When they fight they always look around (that’s right)
They have never really been in touch with the ground

Last time we went out for dinner, she told me
That I had disappointed her
She said of all of the things that you could have shown me
The ones you chose were peculiar I just smiled and called for the check
And I said, honey, let’s just call this thing a wreck

6.City of Atlantis

Don Chaffer

The city of Atlantis is wide and real
The streetlights still work, and the bells still peal
Homes under domes of high-pressure glass
Seated on lawns of green water grass
You try to make out the sounds with no luck
So you turn the radio dial in your truck
The town hall meetings are opened with song
The citizens all willingly sing along
Drowned in the sound of the saddest refrains
The mayor conveys her most intimate pain
You see her lips move, but you can’t hear her speak
So your mind wanders back to the slow oil leak

Ophelia with seaweed in her tangled hair
Travel or unravel- she will follow you there
Open your gates, O, dear hidden Atlantis
I can’t smell the rose, but I know where the plant is


Lori Chaffer

Oh, Annie
Who raised you up? Who raised you up so well?

Coming ‘round the block
Key will turn the lock
The door will swing
Hum a little tune
Making up for nothing
Summer setting in
Hit the pool with friends
And this time try to dive
Lying down at noon
Waking up for nothing


Lori & Don Chaffer

Northern ticket on a south bound train
He rolls his own
Some leaves and some paper his only refrain
He’s blowing smoke
Daddy’s the lord of the sugar cane
And a winning colt
Skittish and hamstrung at the gate
Bet on as a joke

Ride on
Through the dawn
He’s gone
And he may never make it back home
Straight through
It’ll break you
Take two
Won’t begin until you get thrown into a lake like a stone

Loose fitting suit on a juvenile
Almost a man
His brother he snapped like a crocodile
He joined a band
Now, he gets by on talk radio
He’s so polite
Up in the morning and away he goes
To catch a flight on time

9.Close the Door

Don Chaffer

Every time that I get down
I am like a salmon on
An upstream journey, then Death to follow once I spawn
I have seen the big fish climb
The ladder at the reservoir
Watch ‘em work like devils
Half delirious do they even know where they are?

Jesus I’m a sucker; I wish I believed less of the lies
Did anything I thought I knew
Turn out to be true?
Baby boys and little toys are all that I see anymore
Will somebody close the door?
It’s cold outside

Every single time I thought that I had figured it all out
I was run aground again and Floundering with crazy doubt
Maybe every way I’d learned to deal with the tragedy
Was just another junkyard find rust-eaten and raggedy
I have paced the floor at night staring in his tiny face
Swearing that I’ll do my best to make for him a solid place
Barring acts of God or even acts of other men, I’ll be
The father that I always wished I had been allowed to see

10.And I Can't Sleep

Don Chaffer

It’s one o clock and I can’t sleep Or at least I haven’t tried
Something there is inside a man Which cannot be denied
It’s two o’clock and I can’t sleep Or at least I’m still awake
Something there is in consciousness That slumber cannot break

There’s a drunk on stage who believes in God
There’s a girl with a tutu on
And a ten-year-old with hazel eyes
And a wino who you conned

It’s three o’clock and I can’t sleep But I’m starting to look weak
Something there is in humankind That fights when odds are bleak
It’s four o’clock and I can’t sleep Or at least that’s what I’ll say
When my wife comes to wake me I’ll have lost another day

There’s a best friend who has disappeared
And a car with a dented hood
Everybody said I follow you
But nobody understood

It’s five o’clock and I’m asleep
But I think I’m still awake
Something there is in consciousness That slumber cannot break
It’s six o’clock and I’m not here I’m fighting in some war
That nobody inside my head Remembers anymore


Lori Chaffer

Cold is your heart in the winter
Sweet is a song
Strange are the sounds that they made for you
Empty and gone
Long is my heart when I hear you tell
Of all that’s been locked up and broken into
Lost is the sweetness of the mornings
Where all your secrets are held

Cold are the images of love and steel
Warm is your hand
Hard is the heart that won’t let you feel
Soft is the iron in your land
Lost are the ships that are set to sea
Sinking them is sometimes in the plan
But you and I we have another way
We will sleep and dream of sand

Large is the swelling of the ocean’s rage
So strong are its tides
It will pull you though you have a place
To anchor inside
Dark are the eyes that will never see
The kingdom of The Great Light
 My Lord, He smiles on everything
And to the meek, He gives delight

Waterdeep: Heart Attack Time Machine
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