1.Sweet River Roll

Don Chaffer

Homebound Henry's got a tumor in his head
He wakes up every morning after dreaming he was dead
He used to think that life was boring, but now that's not the case
He turns to his wife in the evening, he says "Honey I'm afraid I'm gonna lose this race."

Sweet River, roll all over me
Sweet River, roll all over me

Soaking wet Juliet- she lives in a well full of tears
Her husband left her for some bimbo after twenty-two years
Now she's got to start all over, but she's just so terrified
She thinks it woulda been so much easier if he woulda just died

And I'm lookin' out my car window sittin' in the pouring rain
Although your house is fifteen miles away, I can still feel your pain
I've thought and prayed and worked it through about a hundred times or more
How your soul just cries to everyone to help you get up off the floor
Right now it's morning, you're probably totally unaware
Of the flood of kisses you hold back by the way that you despair
It ain't me I'm talking about here, or anybody else you can touch
That's all I want to say right now, I don't want to say too much

Except Sweet Jesus, roll all over me
Sweet Jesus, roll all over me...
You gotta come down and just set me free

2.On A Night That Felt Outdated

Don Chaffer

Well, this night just feels outdated
It's a tired reminder of the bad
When you held on to what you hated
And you hated what you had

And your mind was out on the corner
Sellin' herself as something cheap
Your pride he says he owns her
And she's dumb, she follows like a sheep
She don't know what he does to a lover
He'll whisper lies in a restless ear

He tells a wife she don't deserve to hover
Over a man who doesn't seem to hear

Some things are easy to forget, even if they're bigger than the now
And she has tried to remember them but she can't remember how
So she lies on her bed staring up at the cracks in the ceiling
She's even pinched herself to wake up, but her body's got no feeling

Well he calls her out on the driveway
He's pullin' her by her hips
He says you ought to come by my way
And he kisses her on the lips

His mouth feels cold to her heart
Unlike her man who's still asleep in their bed
But she numbs herself to that part
And she leans to what she calls her head
And though her face had turned away for a moment
And her eyes had flashed a bit with doubt
She felt the tug of a brilliant showman
And she was on her way out

It wasn't long before she was out sellin' on the corner like something cheap
On a night that could feel like hell in the reminders that it made you keep
Like the one where you were standin' on the driveway
There was a cold feeling on your lips

Some woman's saying to ya come my way
And she's pullin' you by your hips
But the prodigal did not stay way
There was a destiny he had to keep

And I may give my mind a dirty day
But tonight I got floors to sweep

Some things are easy to forget, even if they're bigger than the now
And you have tried to remember them but you can't remember how
So you lie on your bed staring at the cracks in the ceiling
You've even pinched yourself to wake up, but your body's got no feeling

3.Sink Or Swim

Lori Chaffer

Will you hold my hand
Do I have to stand in this world all alone
Where it's icy coldAnd all the people chime in
"You've got to sink or swim"

Where there's rain there's drought
So I'll confess my doubts
Where there's threshing of the fields
Something's bound to yield

And all the people cry out
They feel they're about to drown
On the ocean floor
But I know there's more

I know
You understand what it's like to me man
Sometimes I forget You're near
Sometimes I forget you hear
The way the raindrops fall

The sound of the wind as it calls
And every breath I breathe
And song I don't sing

4.I Know The Plans

Lori Chaffer

You talk of hating war
But where's your own peacetime?
You don't love anymore
All my children
You linger in your mind
"Everyone's so unkind"
But you forget about the mines you laid on your land

I know the plans I have for you
I know the things that I want for you to do
I know the plans I have for you
And it hurts sometimes to see you blind

You read up on the lies
And keep them in motion
So clever the disguise of devotion
You tell me there's no time
But there you stand joking
But you forgot that I'm the one
Who weighs the words you've spoken

I know the plans I have for you
I know the things that I want for you to do
I know the plans I have for you
And it hurts sometimes to see you cry

5.Both Of Us'll Feel The Blast

Don Chaffer

We're both dirty, baby- that's just the way it goes
We'll try to cut the fuses off before everything blows
And if it blows and both of us are standing real close by
Then both of us'll feel the blast and both of us'll die
But dying's overrated, it's a ticket on a train
And as long as I can hold your hand, I'll know that I'm still sane
Maybe I'm an idiot for thinking that that's true
But I believe that Jesus knew what He was doing when He gave me you

Lately I've been wondering- what are we gonna do
When we wake up in the morning and it’s just me and you?
Cause we ain't never done this thing but I guess that's how it goes
You breathe deep as it comes to you and hold tight when it blows
And if it blows and both of us are standing real close by
Then both of us'll feel the blast and both of us'll die
And dying's underrated, it's a ticket to the feast-
The one we're all invited to, from the greatest to the least

I hope we sit together when Jesus serves the wine
So I can look into your eyes when I taste it the first time
And I know there's no secrets when you're sitting at that table
But I believe we'll smile real knowingly when we read the label
And it says "passion sacrificed to keep from going crazy."
We'll tip our glasses to the Host who used to look so hazy
And drink it down all sweet and slow and slip inside
His mind And realize as it goes down- this is communion wine

This is communion wine
This is communion wine
This is communion wine

6. You Are So Good To Me

Don Chaffer, Ben and Robin

You are so good to me
You heel my broken heart
You are my father in heaven
You ride upon the clouds
You lead me to the truth
You are the Spirit inside me

You poured out all your blood
You died upon the cross
You are my Jesus who loves
You are beautiful my sweet, sweet, song
I will sing again

You are my strong melody
You are my dancing rhythm
You are my perfect rhyme
And I want to sing forever

7.Go Find John

Don & Lori Chaffer

Go find John
Hiding in the backyard
Crying cause his hands hurt
All the thorns
Crying for you to

Go find John
Scattered and bewildered
Swallowed by the dirt there
All alone

Go tell him
I told him
Go tell him
He’s welcome to come home
Go tell him

I know him
He’s tried and tried and nothing works at all

Go find John
Drunk to kill the pain there
Lying on a strange bed
All the seed
On the ground

Go find John
Floating in the ocean In her dark apartment
All alone

8.Good Good End

Don Chaffer

You can leave right now
You can ring a bell
You can tell 'em you think
I ain't doin' too well
But when I stood like you I eventually fell
So you can leave right now go on and ring your bell

I'm amazed by life and it's amazed by me
We're a strange old pair- me and eternity
It don't make good sense it ain't easy to see
But I'm amazed by life and it's amazed by me
It's a long hard road with a good, good end
And if I keep on walking on past the crooked bend
I will meet my Maker I will meet my Friend
It's a long hard road with a good, good end


Lori Chaffer

Diana stays with me tonight
Then tomorrow
Then tomorrow
Who will tell you if I cry
O, my sorrow, O, my sorrow
I hardly ever knew her face
And here she is, taking your place
You have gone so far away
For all I know it’s outer space

La, la, la, la, la, la, la
Pining for yesterday
La, la, la, la, la, la, la
Feeling like an empty plate

He went away today
And I don’t know when he’ll be back
Before he left he held my face
And told me he was gonna crack

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, 
Kick your legs and bend your knees
La, la, la, la, la, la, la,
Stare up at the apple trees

10.Right Before

Don Chaffer

The night before the demolition
An overweight man gave me permission
To go through the basement at the mission
And see what I could find
There was one stuffed bear and a can of kerosene
There was something about it that was almost serene
To be the last witness of these things
That were left behind

Right before it’s burned down
Right before it’s blown apart
Right before everybody gives up on it
It’s in the air
Right before the wrecking ball
Right before the dynamite
Right before in the middle of the night
There’s something there
The last time we kissed was at the station
She was heading off for summer vacation
We were both well done, it was just gravitation
That our lips met
So I placed the key in the car’s ignition
While I re-thought our position
But if you won’t let go, then you can’t transition
You can only bet

   Right before it goes off
Right before it walks away
   Right before the last thing that you won’t ever say
Right before you slip up
Right before the great regret
Right before everything changes
You’re not okay

   I don’t know if anyone should
Given the chance, I don’t think I would
I just know that if I don’t admit it,
It’ll haunt me, and I’ll never quit it

Right before it comes again
Right before I lie down
Right before the last flight out
And the old black bear
Right before the buzzer sounds
Right before my time is up
Right before there’s nothing left
There’s something there
You gotta know that the night before the demolition
I sent out a brief transmission
I said somebody go and get me a good magician
I’m about to change

11.Life Of The Party

Lori & Don Chaffer

Some roads dead end some just disappear
Well I don’t know but I’ve been told that I’m the kind that won’t let you near
Most people tell you what you wanna hear
but sometimes what you need is not as bad as all the things that you fear
There is something on the other side of a dream

Come on down Come on down
Come and be the life of the party
There’s a million ways to start a fire and then just watch it burn
When the sun comes out, we won’t pout we won’t criticize anybody
Just let it go, let it go don’t hold on to it
Peter Peter Pumkin-eater lied
He said he had a standard to uphold and he would not compromise
And Dr. Jekyll had his Mr. Hyde
So play the game too long and all you’re left with is your darker side
There is something on the other side of a dream

There is wanting
There is holding onto things
It can’t be occupied or turned into a theme

Come on down, come on down...

12.Okay, Okay, Yeah

Don Chaffer

I ran my fingers over the cloth and found the seam
I thought this isn’t here or there; it’s in between
And I always wished I could stand right where sky meets sea
But when I dreamed it one time, it seemed sad to me
Sad like a farewell written in the sand
Sad like a waterfall splashing in your hand
Sad like the sunlight in a marble hall
Maybe sad isn’t quite the right word after all

I could go over everything again, and wonder why but
I don’t think that’ll give an answer to me anymore, cause
Now I’ve learned some things just refuse to come to the light,
and It’s okay, okay, yeah
I said okay, okay, yeah

I was certain of hurt and I was scared to care
I thought falling would mean that I would land nowhere
Now I wonder if one is ever sure at all
Maybe you don’t rise above maybe you love the fall
Fall like a toddler learning to stand
Fall like a satellite floats unmanned
Fall like a fool at a downtown bar
Maybe fall doesn’t really go all that far

Go call off the dogs now
Sunset’s setting in and
We won’t find the body
Til another day begins and
I suspect they’ll ask me
Once they find it in my head
Why I seek the living
Here in the land of the dead

13.Tools in the Garage

Don Chaffer

He was an old man
He had fourteen sons
And he didn’t always mention his daughters
He was a lame man
He had a bad war wound
He chased the ship that gave it to him and caught her

He had grandkids
They’d come to visit
They were young and they were full of wonder
But he wasn’t happy
He lost his dear wife
To some sleepy trucker’s midnight blunder

There were tools in the garage
There were shotguns in the closet
There were too many things not to touch
He was never really friendly to the children he was close to
He might have loved ‘em but not too much

He had wire racks
He had glass jars
Full of nuts and bolts and things he no longer used
There was an organ
That his wife use to play
And a cabinet that he would keep full of booze

And every once in a while
You could get that old man to smile
And then it’s like the heavens would ring
I never saw it last long
Ah, but now that he is gone
That’s the only thing that means anything


Lori Chaffer

I’m gonna break you, baby
I’m gonna make your name
Something that people whisper
In the halls of fame
Here’s to the golden vein we’ll find
Everyone soon will listen and you will blow their minds

But it will be hard to hold
And you will grow old
Time won’t last forever
Your time won’t last

Just a little bend here, honey
To see the curve in your back
It doesn’t matter if you believe it
It only matters how you act
There’s the incision
Soon you’ll never have to try to make your own decisions
These are things you can buy

But they will be hard to hold
And they will grow old
Time won’t last forever
Their time won’t last


Let’s not pretend now sweetheart
Life is all compromise
Some things that look full are empty
A dirty cup can look white outside
Please understand me
I don’t mean to make you cry
The poor bastards just need a distraction
And ours is not to reason why

And they will be hard to hold
And they will grow old
Time won’t last forever
Their time won’t last


Waterdeep: The Collection
© 2010 Waterdeep/Hey Ruth Music
All rights reserved.