The Collection (mp3)

The Collection (mp3)


The Collection includes:
•The Collection CD- The (14)-song collection

•The Waterdeep Chartbox- The complete collection of chord charts used in the studio for EVERY previously recorded Waterdeep song (through the album In The Middle of It) (charts are delivered as a digital download).

•Live at the Late Great New Earth- a previously unreleased (10) song live album featuring members from each era of the band at Waterdeep's last show at the New Earth Coffeehouse in Kansas City, Missouri before their 2004 touring hiatus (digital download).

•Audio interview- A (20) minute conversation with Don and Lori Chaffer about the making of all the Waterdeep albums (digital download).

When you purchase this item, a link to download The Chartbox, Live at the Late Great New Earth, and the audio interviews will be emailed to you.

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The Collection

1. Sweet River Roll
2. On a Night That Felt Outdated
3. Sink or Swim
4. I Know the Plans
5. Both of Us Will Feel the Blast
6. You Are So Good to Me
7. Go Find John
8. Good Good End
9. Diana
10. Right Before
11. Life of the Party
12. Okay Okay Yeah
13. Tools in the Garage
14. Falling

Live At The Late Great New Earth

1. Downstairs...
2. Wicked Web
3. Jesus Wasn't Cool
4. Sink or Swim
5. I'm Still Here
6. Upstairs...
7. He Will Come
8. Both Of Us'll Feel The Blast
9. When the Cold Wind Blows
10. On a Night That Felt Outdated
11. Galeana
12. You Have Redeemed My Soul