12.06.14 - New Waterdeep Self-Titled Double Album

Wd AlbumAfter a successful Kickstarter campaign and seven months of hard work...
We are happy to present our new double album:

Waterdeep - Waterdeep

by pre-ordering this self-titled 23-song beauty here at waterdeep.com.

Psst. Over here. The big announcement is done now, and we want to tell you on the sly that we're VERY happy about this one. We worked hard on it, had several musical friends help us out, including Sandra McCracken, Sara Masen, Thad Cockerell, Julie Lee, and Andrew Osenga (and that's just the singers), and it's 23 friggin' songs. Did we already say that? I mean, come on. Twenty. Three. Songs. And then bonus tracks and a t-shirt are available too?! Yep. That's how we roll.

After the new year, we'll officially release the album to the usual digital and physical outlets (except Spotify), but here's your chance to get it early.

A note on shipping time: We are hoping physical CDs ship the week of December 22, which is too late for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa etc. but for gift purposes, the digital download is immediate. Imagine the smile on your loved one's face... or on yours... forget about them... No, don't forget about them. Let's just get in the spirit and buy two copies, or three, or whatever.

Finally, we continue to be grateful for the opportunity to keep doing what we love, and are honored that you're all still listening.

Happy Hollidays,
Don and Lori Chaffer

04.04.14 - Kickstarter Stretch Fund Goals

It Feels Good To Be Waterdeep Like This Again

We asked you for $20,000, and, in less than 48 hours, you said "Sure thing. Here you go." Our jaws dropped. We tweeted. We facebooked. We graffitti'd highway overpasses with the word "amazing." We're humbled and grateful.

Also, all this love (and money) has made us feel like recording artists again. After a hard day with the kids or the studio (working on someone else's album) it's easy to wonder whether it still matters that we write songs from our hearts. Not trying to be a sad sack. Just sayin' that when you all said "Yes, it matters," it felt really, really good.

Now, let's address some outstanding questions about the campaign in mock interview format. Lori and I will play the role of "Us;" you will play the role of "You."

You: Awesome, Don & Lori. Happy for you. Can we still give you money?

Us: YES!

You: Is the kickstarter still going now that you've met your goal?

Us: YES! Until that number on the right gets down to "0 days to go," the campaign is still going, and you can still give.

You: Do you still need more money?

Us: When we made a budget for finishing the double album, it came to $27,665, but when we imagined missing that goal by $1, and getting nothing as a result, we said, "Yeah... I mean... but... we could still squeak by with $20,000, right?" Thus, a kickstarter goal was born. As of this writing, we're past our official goal, and almost to our original "secret" goal.

You: What happens with any extra money you make?

Us: See our next section "Stretch Funding Goals." However-and I hope you're okay with this-we're gonna end the mock interview format.

You: Sure. That's cool. It's been nice, though, you know, chatting.

Us: Oh, man, for us too. Thank you... (voice cracking) for everything. ("You" and "Us" hug, tears forming in both of "Our" eyes.)


Here are the things we plan to do with our money if we make even more amazing amounts than the amazing amounts you've already given us. Mind you, I should probably set aside some cash first to look up more superlatives. As amazing as the word "amazing" is, I bet it's getting old.


We've already started working again on the double album because of your generosity. We're thrilled.


We'll have hit our original goal, the "secret" one we made, before we got nervous and lowered it. At $28,000, we'll be able to make the process better for both ourselves and others (i.e. pay musicians and designers better, take a bit more time on things, stuff like that). And when we're done, you'll hear a better album than $20,000 would have given us. How cool is that?


We'll go out and buy a camera, tripod, and, like, maybe a lens cloth, and make another video. It'll either be a short documentary on the "Making of", or it'll be a music video. Not sure yet which.


The camera will still be new, and we'll make the other video... the one we didn't make for the last stretch fund goal. Like, if we made the music video for GOAL#3, then we'll make the documentary for GOAL#4. If we made the documentary for...

Lori: Don, they get the idea.

Don: Okay.


I started to spend a lot of time budgeting out other things we might do if we make more than this, and then Lori-who is, as many of you now know, the voice of reason in our family-suggested we just let people know what some of those other things might be, and cross that bridge when we come to it. She's right, as usual. So, here are some of the things we discussed:

Don Chaffer - An Unfinished Tale, Vol. 3, Strange - a Spoken Word Album

I would record some more readings of my poems, like I did on the first two Unfinished Tale solo albums; maybe also a small chap book of all the poems from the first three volumes.

Waterdeep Theater

We would produce a theatrical Waterdeep show involving: actors, musicians, lights, costumes, and maybe puppets. It'd be a cross between a regular Waterdeep show, Late Night with David Letterman, and the musical, Wicked (which, technically, I have never seen). Rad. We'd run the show for several weekends in Nashville, and possibly take it to other town(s) as well, for weekend runs in small 100-200 seat theaters.

Son of a Gun Full Musical Recording

My first musical, Son of a Gun (co-written with playwright, Chris Cragin Day, as well as Lori, on additional music) premiered in NYC in November, 2012. A few of you got to see it. Most of you didn't. Due to Actor's Equity Union issues, we were unable to video it for you. However, what we can do is record the entire musical in audio form-both the songs AND the dialog.

More Shows and Touring

If we make a bunch of money, we could finally afford a minivan, instead of the Honda Accord we presently use for "touring." I put "touring" in quotes because our show schedule has been miserably sparse the past few years.

Get that minivan.

Change the touring schedule, and change the world!

Right now. With us. Together.

03.27.14 - Waterdeep Double Album Kickstarter Campaign


A Double Album Kickstarter Campaign

Good friends, here's the latest from Waterdeep. We're making a brand new double album, and launching a kickstarter campaign to fund it. If you've been saying to yourself, "I'm in a funny mood. I have this burning urge to give money to a wonder-packed husband-wife duo so they can move my soul," then, first of all, woah. What a coincidence. Second of all, a mood like that can be fragile, so... click here.
Also, you should know that we made a short kickstarter video. It's funny and totally awesome. This marks the beginning of what will surely be a long and illustrious film career for us. Check it out here. If you like it, tell your friends, but if you don't mind can you refer to it as a Documentary Short Subject (for Oscar eligibility reasons)? Oh, we did it all ourselves. Total resourcefulness, the kind of resourcefulness that should probably be rewarded with handsome crowdfunding. Yep, same link as above. Notice a trend?

That's probably all you need to know.

I mean, we could tell you more stuff, like how this year we both started solo records, but realized they weren't really solo records. They were really a Waterdeep Double Album in disguise. We could tell you how we love these songs, want you to hear them, and need your help to make that happen, but ultimately that's all unnecessary. You just need to click here. (Yeah. I know. It's the same link. I'm gonna level with you. There's not a link in this whole email that doesn't go to that kickstarter page.)

Thanks so much for everything. You're all the best.

Sincerely,Don & Lori Chaffer (aka Waterdeep)

04.09.13 - Moment Available Online

It's official!

We're excited to announce that our latest record, Moment, is now available on itunes, amazon, and google play. So please spread the word, rate, and review it if you have a minute. In fact, it's your support, and word of mouth-ness that allows us to keep making music. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Also you can still get Moment here where we have exclusive bundles with, for instance, a previously unreleased live album, as well asT-shirts, and other fun stuff. See below:

Moment - Immediate Digital Download + CD + T Shirt + Live album $35
Bundle Includes:
Moment CD
Moment Immediate Digital Download
Moment T-Shirt
Live At Marblehead, an unreleased 10 track live album of Don & Lori (Immediate Digital Download)

Waterdeep Moment T-shirt $15
Sizes S-XXL

The Waterdeep Chartbox $20

The complete collection of chord charts used in the studio for EVERY previously recorded Waterdeep song (through the album In The Middle of It).
Charts are delivered in a zipped archive digital download after checkout.Also, just so you know, we updated the Lyrics link at waterdeep.com, to include all of our albums to date, so you can prepare for your next karaoke night. We know you've been waiting to show off to all your friends, who only know Katy Perry and Maroon 5 songs.
Lori and Don

12.11.12 - Waterdeep's New Album, Moment, Pre-Orders

Moment coverWe just finished a new Waterdeep album, called "Moment", and now it's available for pre-order. We'll spare you the part where we try to describe it. To quote Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride, "Let me 'splain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

New album. 11 songs. Really cool. Click below to explore your purchasing options.

$9 Immediate Digital Download

$12 Immediate Digital Download + CD

$35 Immediate Digital Download + CD + T Shirt + Live album

$55 Immediate Digital Download + CD + T Shirt + Live album +
House show + A Thought

If you like the album, spread the word. We depend on your endorsement.


Also, we are having a big old holiday sale at waterdeep.com. There are no discount codes or anything, instead the store prices have been changed to reflect sale prices, so it's easy peazy to get a good deal. Note that it is cheaper to download our CDs here than it is on itunes, and we see much more of the money, which means we can keep making more music. (But feel free to visit itunes to rate our CD's there). We also have unbundled some of our previous packages so you can buy t-shirts that previously were only available by buying the larger packages.

That's all for now. We wish you all the best this holiday season.
Love from our family to yours.

Don & Lori Chaffer

10.31.12 - October Update

Hello All,

Things have been crazy and fun over here in the land of Waterdeep. Read on to learn about the following:

-a NYC production of my (Don's) musical, Son of a Gun

-a new Waterdeep album in the works

-the sudden, uncontrollable urge to give something away.


We started Son of a Gun rehearsals on October 8. I was in NYC for the first ten days, and it's been thrilling and full of happy surprises. We'd love you to see it. Click here for tickets. If you can't attend, feel free to buy tickets for someone in NYC. If you don't have someone special in NYC, feel free to buy tickets anyway as a donation. Email us here, and we'll have someone attend for free in your name. How cool would that be? It's like having a designated hitter in major league baseball, but with more, um, artistic impact. And lastly, this production has been made on the tightest of budgets and the cast and crew are working for peanuts, so if you feel so inclined, the donation button on the firebone website still works nicely.

The musical also just got a great write up in Christianity Today. To stay abreast and spread the news, on twitter, we're @firebone or #SonofAGunMusical. Like us on facebook, where there are some great pictures of the cast and crew in rehearsal.


We made an album last year called No Doubt of Sunshine. We spent a lot of time getting it just right, and really want people to hear it. So we're putting the entire album up on noisetrade.com for free. Go download it! Tell your friends about it! And hit that tip button as hard as you like. Tipping helps us do what we do. Speaking of which...


As I've been gallivanting about NYC, Lori and our engineer/bandmate, Greg LaFollette, have been hard at work on the new Waterdeep album (something that's actually been underway for months). I walked the streets of Manhattan listening to rough mixes of a couple of Lori's new songs that filled me with the sweet, mysterious ache she commands so effortlessly. Amazing to still be so surprised by someone I've known so well for so long. Pre-orders are coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Sincerely, Don Chaffer

09.12.12 - Don Shows

Don and Billy Brimblecom (our drummer and Son of a Gun cast member) are heading out to NYC in early October to begin rehearsals for Son of a Gun. On their way they'll play a couple of shows: Oct 5 The Sharehouse in Knoxville, Tn and Oct 6 The Cellar in DC. For tickets click here.

08.15.12 - August Update

fallWell, hello there. Long time no....uh, email. After taking the summer off social networking (mainly because of a strong case of adult ADHD brought on by the kids being home from school), I (Lori) figured it was time to get you back in the loop. So without further ado...

Son of a Gun Update

We are still gearing up for the NEW YORK DEBUT OF SON OF A GUN which will run November 1-18 at the Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row! Old Volkswagen vans are being bought and towed for the set, Cowboy Jesus statuettes are being purchased at flea markets, and actors are readying themselves to blow your mind.

Many of you have asked if you can buy tickets now. Here's the scoop: tickets will officially go on sale at the end of August or beginning of September. However, for a $30 donation now you can pre-order your ticket. But BEFORE you donate, you need to email josh@firebonetheatre.com and request two possible dates. Then, he'll get back with you regarding ticket availability on the dates in question, and coordinate both your ticket and your donation.

Of course, donations are still greatly appreciated. While we've reached our initial goal, we could use a bit more money to cover additional actor pay and/or additional design budget money. So if you thought you missed your chance to help out, you didn't. Click here to donate (scroll down a little to Donate Now on right side of page, click on that. It will take you to Fractured Atlas, which is how we receive donations, so don't worry, that's still us).

Also, we are still in need of more lodging in NYC so if you or anyone you know has a place, please let us know. (admin@waterdeep.com)

Check out firebonetheatre.com for more information, especially as the day approaches.

Waterdeep Music

As for Waterdeep, we've been "sneaking" into the studio as often as we can to write and record more tunes. Between Don's day jobs as record producer, songwriter, and musical writer, and the kids being home for summer it really does feel like sneaking. But soon enough we'll release some singles. That'll be fun. We'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, one of our New York friends, Dave Hahn, who's also a brilliant musical director, involved us in a project of his where he's recording some of his own songs with various producers around the country. We chose his tune, "A Strong Reaction," and had a blast. The result is available at noisetrade for free or you can get it on itunes.

Also, if you've watched TV lately and thought you may have heard a Waterdeep song in the background, you may have! Apart from the One Tree Hill and Private Practice placements we've mentioned in previous emails, recently we've had "Back Together Again" on Melissa and Tye, and "It's Alright" on both Necessary Roughness and Teen Mom over the summer. Needless to say, we're delighted about this recent trend.
Lastly, here's another youtube video. This one's from a show we played here in Nashville at the Rutledge in 2011.

Well that's all for now. Keep it between the ditches, if you can.


05.01.12 - Musical Theater Update


But we need your help. We have raised some of the money for the production through private donations, however, there is still $20,000 to raise. Daunting yes, but we believe. Yes, we believe. You should know that we have a stellar cast and crew chock full of Broadway veterans including: Van Hughes (American Idiot), Ryan Link (Hair), Drew McVety (Billy Elliot), Lori Fischer (Barbara's Blue Kitchen), Billy Brimblecom, Rebecca Hart, Michael Castillejos, Alex Branton, and our esteemed director, Gabriel Barre (Pippin).

So go to: indiegogo.com/SonofaGunFirebone and watch the video, then see if there are any perks that suit your fancy. Or if you know someone who might be interested in supporting this endeavor, please spread the word.


1. As we say, spread the word! Pass this along to people you know who are WATERDEEP fans, FIREBONE THEATRE fans, or fans of the actors in our spectacular cast.
2. If you live in the NYC area, buy a ticket now (the $30 package) and come see the show at Theatre Row! And invite your friends!
3. Like/follow Firebone Theatre on Facebook and Twitter.
4. Like/follow Waterdeep on Facebook and Twitter.
5. Contact us at admin@waterdeep.com if you have either of the following that you'd like to donate: airline miles/free flights, or places we can stay in NYC.

I'm going to be honest here. When Don started this whole musical theater journey, I was a little skeptical. Seriously? A musical? Do you even like musicals? Do you have time for this? Do longhaired bearded types fit into the world of musicals?! (Yes, I'm clearly not always as supportive as I'd like to think I am). But the guy just seemed to have a knack for it. After seeing the reading at Joe's Pub in May 2011, I had to admit it was pretty amazing to see something in writing get fleshed out on a stage, in front of a live audience. Then Son of a Gun won the O'Neill last summer and I got to go to Connecticut to see the show in process there. What an experience: so many people in the Broadway community dedicated to making this piece-that was so near and dear to our hearts-the best that it could be. Then to watch it hit the crowd, with all it's tragedy, comedy and melody... it was, as Don has already said, one of the highlights of our creative life.

To seal the deal, this March we went to St. Louis to see our friend, Van Hughes-who will be playing the lead in Son of a Gun-play the lead in Green Day's musical, American Idiot: truly inspiring. I'm hooked on the thrill of live theater; to see a room suddenly disappear as we're all drawn up into another world is pretty remarkable.

So now, as I survey the last 18 years of our creative journey together, I can see that all the artistic and collaborative tendencies of my hubby-the festivals we threw, the Voice Cds, the jam band nature of Waterdeep, even the crazy story songs he wrote-are a great preamble to musical theater. As wacky as the idea seemed at first, I can now see it makes perfect sense.VIDEO

We have another video up on youtube. This one is of our cover of Paul Simon's
Under African Skies.


A little birdy told us that if you watch Private Practice on May 8, 10/9c you might just hear our song "It's Alright". If you don't hear it, little birdies occasionally change their minds at the last minute, so there's always that.


June 1-Nashville, Tn- Belmont's Massey Performing Arts Center (MPAC) 7:30pm.
Check back here in a few days; there should be more details coming soon.

July 6-Bushnell, Il- Cornerstone Festival-Gallery Stage 6-6:40
blue show

End of Story

Well, that's all she wrote, literally. If you made it all the way to this point, I'm proud of you and will maybe give you a sticker at the next show as a token of my appreciation*...or maybe you should quietly clap for yourself right now. (whispered) yay.

Peace Out,

*while supplies last : )

03.21.12 - Spring Update

d/l porch
Hey all (or y'all...when in Rome...),
It's Lori. Don's busy in the studio finishing projects with The PawnShop Kings and Natalie LaRue, so it's my turn to give you a quick update on the various goings-on of Waterdeep. And since you know me to be the less talky of the two of us, I'll get right down to business.


Last month-ish, we let you know about our retrospective CD called The Collection, that you could buy with our new record, No Doubt of Sunshine (if you haven't picked up a copy for yourself or your friends, click HERE to make everyone in your life happy). Now we are happy to offer it as a separate item in our store. Yay! This 14-song retrospective album features two new reocrdings of older songs, and also comes packed with the following downloadable bonus material:

Live at the Late Great New Earth - a previously unreleased 10-song live album recorded at Waterdeep's legendary last show at the New Earth Coffeehouse in Kansas City in 2004. If you were there, you get to re-live it. If you weren't, you get to live it.

The Waterdeep Chartbox - The complete collection of chord charts used in the studio for EVERY previously recorded Waterdeep song (up to and including the album In The Middle of It). Everything you could ever need to start that Waterdeep cover band you've always wanted to form.

Audio interview- A 20-minute conversation with Don and me about the making of all the Waterdeep albums.

All that stuff (a $50 value) for only $19. Not so shabby really. Check out Waterdeep: The Collection here.


Tonight, Wednesday, March 21, Don's song, Stay By Your Side, (from No Doubt of Sunshine) will make its television debut on The CW's One Tree Hill at at 8/7c . So get your popcorn popper cleaned up and ready to go....Yes and amen.

We've got another video up now, of us playing Stay By Your Side.
By the way, we updated our last video of "It's Alright" to an HD version here (FYI, the old fuzzy looking one is gone, so that link no longer works).


We have some fun shows coming up soon, so be sure to check those out (Psst, they are right at the top right of this page, in case you didn't notice)


Don's foray into musical theater is going very well. In fact, so well, that his first piece, Son of a Gun, will have a full production run for three-weeks in New York in November! Produced by Firebone Theatre, Son of a Gun will show at The Beckett Theatre @ Theatre Row (42nd St and 9th Ave). Did you get that?! CRAZY! For those of you who don't speak musical theater (like me) that means costumes, sets, lighting, etc. No more music stands while reading scripts. This is the REAL DEAL, and in NYC, and for three weeks! We couldn't be more excited. There's more info to come, but for now you can watch a video about it at http://firebonetheatre.com/ where Firebone is also raising the money to make this happen (Don and friends need to raise A LOT of money to pull this off), so feel FREE to donate if you feel so inclined.

Well, that about wraps it up. By the way, thanks for getting the word out about No Doubt of Sunshine. We have had a lot of great feedback from so many of you, and that always feels awful nice.

Take care,
Lori (& Don)

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